Welcome to illustr8 clothing

About us

Illustr8 was born through a love of fine art, and illustration. Cemented within this is the desire to use t-shirts as a medium of expressive means. Through the juxtaposing of the clean, and contemporary against finer hand rendered details, we aim to create streetwear that conjures an emotive depth, and understanding between the G in the Tee and ‘Illustr8’ itself.

 David Young the artist and man behind ‘illustr8’ aims to stay on point from drop to drop with culturally rich stimuli, and thought provoking designs.

All our garments are screen-printed on custom-made 100% premium grade A cotton t-shirts.
Priding ourselves in the quality of our regular fit silky smooth unisex t-shirts we use top quality inks that wont fade in the wash.

We always keep our social media shizzle updated with the latest news, designs, and competitions! We would love to hear from our customers with their feedback – don’t be afraid to get in touch.